About the Twin

Gustav is a hard working architect and a passionate free-diver. He practices holding his breath all the time; in his car, at work and even while sleeping. This results in a hissing noise which keeps his girlfriend awake. When he consults a doctor, he discovers something strange in Gustav’s throat. The consequences are both comical as well as unpleasant.

Director’s statement
I’m a twin myself. In this film I want to explore and play with certain existential questions that being a twin gives rise to. Me and my brother free dives. It is our greatest common interest. In the film, free diving and breath holding are symbols of loneliness and rigidity. But ultimately also union and peace.

”Håll utkik efter Gustav Danielssons stilsäkra och surrealistiska pärla till novellfilm, Tvillingen. En uppfodrande Nils-Karlsson Pyssling-historia för 2000-talets karriärister med sviktande självdistans”/ 11/2 2011 Maria Domellöf-Wik,  Göteborgsposten

 ”Vilken film, vilket manus, vilken extremt välkomponerad historia och vilket slut. Sista scenen är magisk.” / Helena Ingelsten, SVT shortfilm blog

Busan International Film Festival, South Korea – Busan Cinephile Award
Uppsala International shortfilm festival, Sweden – Audience award
Stockholm International Film Festival – 1- km film award
Odense International Film Festival – International competition, Grand Prix HC Anderson award

Official Selection
Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden
Molodist International Film Festival, Ukraine
Nordic Filmdays, Lübeck, Germany
Nordisk Panorama, Aarhus, Danmark

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