The Twin – the film with english subtitles

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  1. Decha Noimaliwan skriver:


    I am writing from Thailand. I read the synopsis and found the movie was interesting. I am working with a project that encourages them to make short films of their own so I am interested in seeing films of all kind. I hope you will be kindly email me the pass word.


  2. Tony Brengosz skriver:

    I saw this film at the Milwaukee Film Festival, and liked it very much, and would like to watch it again

  3. Bruno skriver:


    My name is Bruno, I am a librarian and also the “father” of the french webzine Culturopoing. I saw this film yesterday at “Utopiales 2012” here in Nantes and enjoyed it a lot. The thematic, the atmosphere, the characters, everything “speaks” to me.
    I would be pleased to share my experience with a close friend to me first of all (give her the link so) and also made a few article about it in Culturopoing with, if you agree, the link to show to our readers/followers.
    Thanks a lot anyway for your work that I didn’t know until yesterday, I will follow you now 🙂

    Have a nice day

    bruno from Nantes

  4. Alexandra Bénard skriver:

    I’m French, I saw this film at the Angers’ Festival Premier Plan and I adored it. I would like to see it again and to show it to my boyfriend. Could you please send me the password ? It would not be used excessively.
    Thank you for your answer.